Why We Do What We Do

When someone asks if you want to go for a cheeseburger run, you know they’re looking for comfort food-- something that will satisfy their emotions and feelings, not just their hunger or cravings. The word “cheeseburger” sounds very comforting, very home-y. It’s the type of food you’d want to eat with your homies—and that’s how Hungry Homies came about.

Miggy Cruz, aka the head homie, started cooking burgers for family and friends back in 2020. This was during the pandemic when everybody just stayed at home and nobody could really see friends and family like we used to. He kept making burgers the way he would imagine what a perfect burger would taste like and sent it to friends, as a homie looking out for another homie. It’s homemade, it’s comforting, it’s like “hanging out with your best friends at a backyard while eating good food” type of thing. The concept of our brand is literally our company name: we want to serve our hungry homies. When you order from us, you order from a homie—and we’ll make sure you’re happy and satisfied after eating our cheeseburgers.

So the next time you order from us, think of us as your brother / sister / dude / dudette / bestie / special someone / fam / homie cooking your favorite burger.